As the second largest owner of Gas reserves in the world along with having large reserves of Silicon dioxide, Iran has an absolute advantage in production of Float Glass based on domestic resources and especially based on a vast Gas grid distribution in Iran which makes possible to expand a branch almost anywhere in the country, where Silicon dioxide is nearby. Such potential has caused a high amount of supply resulting in strong downstream supply of processed glass as well.

At Zista Group we have focused our efforts on a few target markets during the years and have been able to create extensive business opportunities for the Iranian Glass to export their products overseas.

Generally, the competitive glass products from Iran are listed as below:

  • Float Glass in different sizes and shapes, also different qualities
  • Tempered Glass 
  • Laminated Glass
  • Mirrors

Zista Group strategy to empower Iranian Glass exports, have been to insert high cash flow into float glass manufacturing facilities in order to have a steady supply of Float glass for direct export and also to be available for any processing requested by clients. The above has resulted in providing an export standard quality with very competitive prices and eventually creation of a steady Iran Glass Supply.